Selected Artworks > Perceptual Noise

I am interested in the difference between how we perceive and how we depict the world around us. Neither representation, nor abstraction—we compose our vision through layers of individual observations and learned experiences.

In this series, I observe and paint object arrangements as they change over time. Instead of concentrating on their symbolic meanings, I focus on how I physically perceive the objects. Each object and space is visually linked -- merged by my retinas into a continuous and evolving projected illusion. In order to bring form to this mental image, I attempt to transcribe everything that I see. The accumulating marks record changes in the surrounding environment, my orientation, and the shifting light and color. The resulting paintings are summations of these changes as well as subjective records of my perceptual interferences such as afterimages surrounding highlights or the widening of edges with peripheral vision.

Paint can amplify this visual noise and disrupt interpretation. It can reveal poetry and celebrate the remarkable within the ordinary. In the intersection of materiality and observation lies the unbounded capacity to bring form to and re-contextualize our perceptions.